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The Zombie Apocalpyse is (a metaphor)
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None of them (neighbors interviewed)-- heard any sirens that morning. Every one of them told us they didn't hear anything, no knocking, no shouting, until the shooting started.

-Ray Epps, a retired Marine sergeant from Mesa, Arizona and president of the Arizona chapter of Oath Keepers.

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Joseph Guerena, a former marine, heard someone breaking into his home at night. He armed himself with his legal AR-15 and defended his wife and child who he instructed to hide in a closet, as would be expected from any legally armed citizen hearing intruders at night. The men sneaking upstairs were an Arizona SWAT team who did not readily ID themselves. As the officers entered, Guerena confronted them from the far end of a long, dark hallway. The police opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in about 7 seconds, at least 60 of which struck Guerena. He was pronounced dead a little over an hour later.

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Posted on May 26th, 2011 by Phil/Admin