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Why Survivalism?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

--Chinese Proverb.

Survivalism is not only an intelligent option, but it really comes down to common sense.
Survivalism is about self-sufficiency and the ability to truly utilize preparedness skills when modern society’s systems fail.

Human beings have a long standing tradition of survivalism that stretches from the caveman to the frontiersman. For most of our existence, self-sufficiency and a policy of survivalism has been a way of life.

The institution of civilization along with its rules and social systems (although practiced in many Ancient empire) has become the primary way of life in modern society, and has stripped many of their self-sufficient survival capacity.

Many today have the arrogant attitude that their civil intuitions will aide them in any circumstance. Yet, when disaster strike we see time again that you can’t count on this.

An example of this happened just years ago in a major city in the United States. Perhaps the most high-profile “shit-hits-the-fan” scenario in our country’s modern history was the case of Hurricane Katrina and the Nola Floods. The Katrina scenario

showed exactly how in modern society the agencies and civil “safe-nets” developed in theory to help in case of such a disaster can crumble. In the Katrina aftermath we saw government agencies fail, providing woefully inadequate support.) We witnessed a protracted disaster aftermath deteriorate into a panic survival situation, as the designated help of civilization took its time getting there. Looting, rapes, riots, acts of violence, social disorder. Rouge police officers fired on unarmed crowds. Half the Police force abandoned it‘s post. Bodies floated in the water and piled up on empty freeway ramps. The events were surreally and tragically reminiscent of what we see in zombie movies. Many were completely unprepared, and paid for that with their lives.

When a major crisis scenario overwhelms society, things unravel and devolve into “the wild west” and “every man for himself” situations, where a personal policy of survivalism can very well be your key to life.

“Guns worth more than gold! Gold won’t protect your family…put food on your table!”

-- Daryl Dixon “The Walking Dead”

Regardless what your stance on civilian gun rights are in this country, firearms are undeniably the most important tool in two of the most important aspects of survival; protection and procurement of food.

In any self-sufficiency “every man for himself” survival situation, especially one that includes various threats of harm from source in the immediate environment, guns are vital.

Paul Cosma and Jennifer Schmidt, stood armed at the entrance to Cosma's auto repair shop in New Orleans, on the lookout for looters.


A widespread catastrophe that breeds civil unrest and looting, where one cannot count on law enforcement or the civility of ones fellow man (such as the after-math of Katrina in New Orleans).

The importance of guns in the wild West was paramount. Without your trusty firearm you were dead. When a “shit hit’s the fan scenario” quickly develops, at that moment it’s the wild West all over again.

The frontiersman mentality extends to hunting, another vital tool in self-sufficient survival. Hundreds of years and different examples can back this up, from the rancher holding wolves at bay to Eskimo tribesmen never leaving their homes without

their trusty and prized hunting rifles.

In a survival situation the efficiency of hunting with a firearm cannot be stressed enough, whether be it squirrel, bird, or rabbit, or larger game such as hog and deer.

Protection can be applied to looters, mobs, infected strangers, bandits, rabid dogs, and predatory wild animals ranging from venomous snakes (easily taken out with shot shells) to larger predators like coyotes, wolves, hogs, and bear.

The survival scenario is an “if” situation and no matter what your stance is on the second amendment, when the shit hit’s the fan everyone‘s definition of “reasonable gun control” will go out the door. This is why the preservation of second amendment rights are in your best interest, since “if” situations are about preparedness for that potential.

The protection aspect of a firearm includes the luxury that it can control a situation by mere presence, one does not need to discharge or harm another person, but the potential and suggestion of a guns wields power and an extent of control.

“If you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for all hazards.”

--CDC spokesman Dave Daigle, May, 2011.

The Zombie Apocalypse is (a metaphor) already here. The Watts riots, Hurricane Katrina, Tsunamis, Swine Flu, Sendai Nuclear Meltdowns.

The popularity of Zombie movies/shows/comics in the 2000s is undeniable. However, the real appeal of a zombie apocalypse scenario is the human condition, and survival against all odds.Zombtac (Zombie Tactical) is clearly a fan of the zombie media phenomenon but more importantly uses the zombie apocalypse scenario as a metaphor for instructional survival and tactical preparedness. The government gets this notion as well. In May 2011, the Center for Disease control jumped on the popularity of the zombie bandwagon and issued a release on preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. It was a tongue-in-cheek, but real preparedness guide that used zombies as a metaphor for any emergency. The release was so popular it actually crashed the CDC site.Maybe one day we will be faced with zombies. But zombies are already here. Whether it is an unruly mob rioting, or a crowd of infected neighbors in the aftermath of a natural disaster, you should be versed in an approach of survivalism for the zombie apocalypse.

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