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The Walking Dead 302"Sick"

"What do you mean I look like Rico Suave? Take it back. Take it back, now!

Season 3, Episode 2: "Sick"

Original Air Date—21 October 2012

Written By:
Nichole Beattie
Directed By:
Billy Gierhart

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After a traumatic event, a life hangs in the balance. Complicating matters, the group must also deal with a potential threat to their new surroundings.

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>Zombtac's The Walking Dead HQs, all the episodes, news, more...


In the cafeteria, Daryl trains his crossbow on the prisoners while Glenn searches the kitchen for medical supplies. The group lifts Hershel onto a metal table and wheels him out. The prisoners stare in horror at Hershel's severed leg on the floor.

Daryl fends off walkers as the group rushes Hershel through the prison hallways. They reach their cell block and transfer Hershel to his bunk, where Rick orders Glenn to stay by Hershel's side. "If he dies, you need to be here for that," he says.

Here is a detailed synopsis from AMC's website


Obvious swarmy bad guy was obviously going to be eliminated. The character was a little too over the top, drawing a red flag in the storytelling.

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Rick Grimes: We took this prison. Its ours! We spilled blood.

Carol Peletier: You've gotta be worried sick about delivering the baby.
Lori Grimes: Look at me. Do I look worried?
Carol Peletier: You look disgusting.
Lori Grimes: [laughs] So do you.

Tomas: It was coming at me, bro.
Rick Grimes: Yeah, yeah, I get it. I get it. Shit happens.
[Rick chops him in the head with a machete]


Prisons in Georgia.

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