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The Walking Dead 206 "Secrets"

Secrets are told and secrets are revealed. Hershel refuses to acknowledge the world’s new reality. Andrea comes out of her shell. And Rick mopes and stares at bottles.

Season 2, Episode 6: "Secrets"

Original Air Date—13 November 2011

Written By:
Angela Kang
Directed By:
David Boyd

Secrets are told and secrets are revealed in what is perhaps the most soap-opera like episode of "The Walking Dead."

I was so uninspired by this episode that is a culmination of all the melodramatic meandering that contrasts this season against the excellent first season, so I instead submit some criticism found on the interwebz that sums it up:

The frustrating inconsistencies plaguing the second season of The Walking Dead have no doubt permeated throughout the zombie drama’s slipshod narrative and muddled attempts at poignant allegory, but hopeful fans remain faithful to the AMC hit as the looming mid-season finale generates buzz, if not desperate hope, for a redemptive twist. In the show’s defense, there’s only been a total of 12 episodes in its entire run thus far, but the ham-fisted focus on Lori’s pregnancy drama and continued lack of resolution on other waning plot elements have viewers’ patience wearing thin.

- Erin Biglow (Poptimal)

I loved the first series, but this series (2) is dreadful. The first was about survival, escape, being the last-people-on-earth, horror, suspense, chase scenes and excitement. It had great twists, good writing, and was fun to watch. You know, the stuff you expect from this genre. Now it's about about pregnancies, and inter-relationship hassles. Now that they are on a farm, I wouldn't be surprised to see this turning into a series about farming.

EVERYTHING that was good, no GREAT, about the first series is gone. It seems like there's 30 minutes of bland filler in every episode now. Did they run out of money? Ideas? Where has the suspense gone? And I don't mean the 'soap opera' suspense about "Who is the father?" or "Will-they-won't-they?" Bring back the zombies, put in some more action of the type that is demanded, and necessary, of this genre, because it's in danger of leaving the genre behind and becoming The Waltons.

- Utmad - IMDB.com review

1 Z - Zombtac.com

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Revelations begin to come out among the members of the group. Shane teaches Andrea how to fire a weapon but the desire to put the past behind him and focus on survival eats at him. Glenn wrestles with keeping his secret about the barn Walkers from the group. Lori confides in Dale about her pregnancy.

Here is a detailed synopsis from AMC's website


Please read succint reviews above.

The Walking Dead Soap Opera. Really? Again I'm all for character development and drama, but this season is a far cry from quality we got in season 1.

Still no Sophia? Why bother.



Glenn: "You're old--you know things. So, what if someone told you something that somebody else should know--''
Dale: "Stop being dramatic and spit it out!"
Glenn: "There's walkers in the barn and Lori is pregnant."


Rick : "I can't live like this any more, Is there anything else I should know about?"

Lori: "Shane and I,"

Rick: "I know, You thought I was dead, right?"


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