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Zombtac Project: DIY Reactive Zombie Target

Zombies Bleed.
OK, he may look more like "Jason" but he is a zombie. A DIY zombie reactive target to be exact.

Disclaimer: Any information contained herein is strictly for entertainment purposes. Zombtac.com does not endorse or recommend any actions by untrained individuals and assumes no liability from misuse of this information. Always consult Federal, state, and local laws, regarding firearms and target shooting.

Recently Zombie Industries came out with a commercial "Bleeding Zombie" target dummy, and some of the larger online outlets are now carrying it. While we aplaud the concept being mass marketed, their dummy is rather pricey ($89.95 MSR plus shipping) and on the small side, and it "bleeds" in a less than authentic way (though it chunks off which is pretty cool).

You can actually create a very fun reactive dummy, that bleeds "stage blood " when you shoot it, for a very reasonable price. This set up is highly customizable and essentially resuable to a point. Well, you'll get a lot of milegage out of it, and at a very good value. And it's actually a very practical tool for tactical training, as it approximates a realistic target.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Zombtac Reactive (Bleeding) Target Zombie

Materials: (also see buy links below).
Plastic Torso Form (half form, shatterproof plastic) - Styrofoam Dummy Head - Karo Corn Syrup - Red Food Dye - Gallon Ziploc Bags. - White Duct Tape - 2x1" lumber strips. Screws/Cordless Drill. - White shirt - White Hockey Mask (thin plastic halloween prop). Many acres of private property or a private range.

PICTURES: click on thumbnail for larger image


Straight Karo with a few drops of red food dye in a ziploc bag. Zip up, fold a few times, layout on dummy and duct-tape into position (top, bottom, and a middle strip works well to disribute the stage blood).

note: Corn Syrup and food dye is biodegradable and safe for consumption. You may get some immediate fly activity and perhaps even some mammals will later check out the blood drippings. If you're in bear country, you may want to clean it up with some water.

Make a H-frame using the 2x2's (this can be staked into the ground) and the hollow form should fit inside it's diameter, so that you can use screws to attach it to the wood on the sides.


-Research recipes for stage blood. We find that straight Karo and red dye work great but other recipes call for ratios of blue and green dye and other ingredients.

-Incorporate other reactive measures into the target dummy. Shoot-N-Cee Adhesive Bullseyes, clays, small water bottles, and other reactive targets can be placed on the target.

-You can use different Halloween masks and clothing items for the target. But remember to adhere to saftey issues such as ricocheting, etc. Use soft plastic/rubber, and "shatter proof" vinyl, as well as other applicable materials. Do not use metal or hard surfaces.

*Adhere to all Federal, State, and local laws when using firearms.*